AI+DeNoise-The New Advanced Technology in Hearing Aids

When artificial intelligence first came to light, the world was expecting the rise of robots who will take over the globe by 2020. Very few people actually thought any good would come from it.

Decades later, we live in a world where most people can’t even execute the simplest tasks without a machine’s help. The same machines which have been made more efficient thanks to artificial intelligence.

Today, everything is ten times better because of AI. From Google searches, computer commands, robotic home appliances to our very own best friends, hearing aids. We can now comfortably say that hearing aids are now clearer, with improved sound quality and efficiency.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, refers to the development of computer systems or computer-controlled robots to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Think of it as computer-enabled systems with the ability to reason, solve problems, learn from past experiences, discover things, and so much more.

Learned from past experience, AI could solve problems efficiently.

From the above explanation, you can see why people believed artificial intelligence-powered devices and machines would take over the world. With AI, technological devices can be programmed to execute complex tasks. For instance, Orka One hearing aids amplify real-time human voices using AI technology. This is a task that traditional hearing aids couldn’t do.

What is Denoise?

Denoise refers to removing noise from a signal. Denoising technology is a signal processing method whereby a signal from a noisy place is reconstructed. Therefore, the unnecessary noise is filtered out, and only the relevant information is preserved.

Basically, with denoise, the focus is on details. It eliminates anything else that disrupts or gets in the way of the itsy bitsy details and quality information. Picture it as quality control to raise a device’s standards by ensuring the required specifications are met.

AI DeNoise Technology and Hearing Aids

AI technology improves the functionality of hearing aids. For example, when you make any adjustment made on one AI-powered hearing aid, the other side automatically follows the same adjustment.

A past study conducted by MarkeTrak indicated that only 83% of hearing aid users reported being satisfied with their hearing aids at work. Meaning, more than 15% of hearing aid users were dissatisfied with their devices. This clearly shows how traditional hearing aids were still not effective, especially in rowdy areas.

Can’t hear the voice you want? You need hearing aids enpowered by AI denoise technology. (Image: Designed by Freepik)

The new advanced hearing aids can be adjusted to suit a user’s listening preferences. In some cases, AI modification can even predict the right settings according to the surroundings, even without making any adjustments.

Currently, some hearing aids like Orka One have a downloadable app which you can use to make adjustments remotely. Therefore, users can control and change settings wirelessly without pressing any button on the hearing aid.

Just one click on Orka One app, you can control your hearing aids remotely.

How it Works

Well, AI denoise technology is used in hearing aids to give users a better experience. Users can now enjoy a clearer sound experience free surrounding noises.

For instance, imagine you’re in a restaurant having dinner with your family or friends. There is slow music playing in the background. There is the cluttering sound of cutlery on plates. Phones are ringing left-right. And heavy traffic can be heard from a distance.

In such a busy environment, it is almost impossible to hear what the person right in front of you is saying because your hearing aids are picking so many sounds simultaneously. With AI Denoise advanced hearing aids like Orka One, the devices can pick up real-time human voices and filter out the unnecessary background noises.

In a noisy restaurant, Orka One will help you to pick up the voice you want. Even if the environment is noisy, the voice you hear is clear.

Benefits of AI Denoise Technology in Hearing Aids

There are benefits tied to using AI denoise technologically advanced hearing aids as compared to ordinary hearing aids. These are;

  • Better Hearing in Noisy Environs

Using hearing aids, hearing in a noisy environment is very difficult. Most hearing aids are designed in such a way that when you increase the volume, both soft and very high-frequency sounds are raised.

Generally, human speech is categorized as a low-frequency sound. Therefore, you will most likely hear blasting music and noisy traffic than what the person right next to you is saying. This makes it even harder to hold meaningful conversations.

However, AI Denoise technology hearing aids can distinguish the background noise and enable users to hear low-frequency sounds clearly. Thus users have better hearing, and you can effortlessly converse with your family and friends in noisy areas.

  • Listening in Comfort

Any hearing aid user can testify on the challenges they face daily in adjusting their hearing aids settings to have a comfortable listening experience. Most of the time, you are forced to strain in an attempt to listen to something or even watch TV.

But AI hearing aids have incredible sound settings suitable for multiple scenarios. Hence, you can listen in absolute comfort both outdoors or indoors, in crowded or quiet places. The choice is all yours!

  • Great Sound Quality

There is a difference between high volumes and excellent sound quality. Even if you increase the volume of a hearing aid, when the sound quality is poor, you’ll only hear irritating noises, which quite frankly isn’t helpful.

AI denoise hearing aid users enjoy superior sound quality anywhere, anytime. This allows you to hear even the sounds which you’re missing more clearly. And new sounds introduce a wave of emotions w

hich you didn’t know existed or even resurfaces previously suppressed emotions. Just imagine listening to the dried crunching leaves as you take a nature walk in autumn. If you’re a nature enthusiast, you’ll reminisce about your love for nature.

  • Live Better

AI denoise powered hearing aids allow you to live better. It gives users the freedom to do what they like anytime they want without worrying about sound limitations getting in the way.

How is that even possible? The devices can learn and recognize what you like and adapt to it. You’ll be able to access the world through sound conveniently and effortlessly. The technology is designed to work hand in hand with you to provide nothing but the best hearing experience.

By putting intelligence within reach, you’re able to conquer all the milestones you encounter day in day out when using regular hearing aids.

Closer with intelligence, better hearing experience and life

Orka One AI Denoise Technology

Orka One AI, denoise hearing aids, fulfills your hearing needs by using the latest technology to help you hear better and clearly. The hearing aids have two modes; automatic for moderate noises and aggressive for extremely high noises.

What makes Orka One standout is that the AI denoise filters out background noises and amplifies real-time human voices. Thus helping you stay connected to the world at all times. It gives you the freedom to listen selectively to what is happening all around you.

Ending Note

AI technology has brought so many changes in the world today. The future of AI denoise hearing aids is only expected to get more benefits, especially in terms of efficiency, convenience, and improved user experience. While we are still in the present, don’t sit on the sidelines and let technology pass you by.

If you’re looking for a good AI denoise advanced hearing aid, you should consider Orka One.

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