Advantages of Using Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed the evolution in functionality and features of hearing aids. Before, hearing aids required numerous adjustments, and even then, they didn’t fully execute hearing needs.

Today, hearing aids are way smaller than before, with sleek designs that fit perfectly. Some are even unnoticeable.

With several technological advancements and innovations came Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. This means you can easily connect your hearing aids to your smartphone to elevate and improve your hearing experience. The feature is pretty cool and convenient in ways you can’t even begin to imagine!

What is a Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aid?

Bluetooth technology is not necessarily a new concept. It has been in the market for quite some time. But, for clarification purposes, let’s define what it is.

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that uses high-frequency radio waves to enable connectivity between two or more devices within a short range to safely and securely facilitate sound and information transfer. Most, if not all, of our electronic devices support Bluetooth connectivity.

With a Bluetooth connection, communications between devices become more convenient. Image by Freepik.

Till recently, hearing aid users were limited in accessing audio from particular devices. Listening to music or watching TV was such a strenuous task. Therefore, users were forced to switch from regular hearing aids to headphones to enjoy the best of both worlds.

But, luckily, all that hassle is a tale of the past. Currently, there are great and highly functional hearing aids such as Orka One with Bluetooth technology to create a smart user experience.

The best part is, enabling Bluetooth connectivity on your hearing aids is very easy. Orka One users can download an app from the App Store or Play Store and control everything from their smartphones or tablets. Therefore, you can easily switch from one mode to another, preset, adjust, and fine-tune without using your hearing aid buttons. Pretty cool, right?

Advantages of Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids are packed with numerous benefits that enhance user experience. These include;

Bluetooth hearing aids can be connected with multiple every-day use devices, i.e., radios, portable speakers, TVs, smartphones, etc. For example, the Orka One Bluetooth feature is all rounded. Therefore, you can connect it to all types of systems, i.e., Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, etc.

This makes the hearing aids highly flexible for multiple uses, reducing the additional cost of buying separate headphones to use on certain occasions.

With multiple connectivity, Orka One is highly flexible.

With the Bluetooth feature, users can enjoy a more personalized experience. For example, when watching TV with your family and friends, you can increase your hearing aids without increasing the volume of the TV. In other words, you are at liberty to control the volume and pitch using custom settings to suit your individual needs.

Think of it as having a hands-free headphone which you can adjust as you wish without disturbing others. Imagine how convenient the hearing aids are.

Hand-free mobile experience means that sounds can be directly transmitted to your hearing. For example, when using Orka One hearing aids, the device automatically switches to phone-call mode once you receive a call. You don’t have to pick up the phone. All you have to do is double-tap to receive the call. Just like that, easy peasy.

The hands-free feature comes in handy when doing outdoor activities, exercising, or driving.

Hands free with your phone connected to Orka One using the Bluetooth

Traditional hearing aids were limiting for music lovers. However, since Bluetooth hearing aids can be connected to your smartphone, you are free to stream music directly from your phone to your hearing aid.

The coolest part is when using Orka one hearing aids, you can listen to music while also hearing what is happening in your surroundings. Unlike when using headphones, you will be cut off from your immediate environment and fully connected to one particular audio source.

For example, when working out, you can listen to music and still hear the gym instructor call your name.

Gone are the days where multiple wires and lines were needed to connect devices. The Bluetooth features allow you to connect your hearing aids to your phone wirelessly.

To make it even better, technologically advanced hearing aids like Orka One come with an app enabling users to remotely control, adjust settings, and switch between programs without pressing a single button.

With just one touch on Orka, you can switch between programs.

General Benefits of Using Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Below are the day-to-day benefits of using Bluetooth hearing aids;

Orka One Bluetooth Functions

Orka One hearing aids come with a very efficient Bluetooth functionality. The device is compatible with multiple Bluetooth enabled devices. As mentioned earlier, it connects to various systems in PCs or smartphones.

Secondly, it is super-convenient. In particular, the hands-free feature creates a smooth user experience making work easier for you.

Thirdly, Orka enables easy user connectivity. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to connect your hearing aid with another device with the Bluetooth feature. At Orka, we are dedicated to providing a stress-free user experience. Therefore, everything is pretty much straightforward.

Lastly, Orka One Bluetooth function guarantees excellent flexibility. This gives you the freedom to interact with the latest Bluetooth enabled technologies without worrying about being left out. Thus making it simple for users to freely buy, use, and enjoy the ever-changing technological devices.

Efficient and smooth, relaxed and flexible, Orka One can bring you to hear the world.

What is the Future of Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids?

With so many changes being witnessed in the technology, it is only fair to expect more advancements in Bluetooth hearing aids. Currently, the popularity and preference for Bluetooth enabled hearing aids are on the rise, especially for people who love technological advancements.

In the near future, Orka One will hopefully continue to grow as we adapt the latest innovation to offer our users nothing but the best Bluetooth functionalities. We expect nothing but broader connectivity, enhancing our users’ ability to connect to more and more devices.

Ending Note

Bluetooth hearing aids give users a better experience. The devices offer nothing but good user experience from multiple functionalities, connectivity, clear and high sound emission, to hands-free usability.

Using Bluetooth hearing aids for the first time can be quite challenging. However, at Orka One, our customer support services are always opened and ready to serve our users. For any questions concerning Orka hearing aids, feel free to contact us anytime any day!

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