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Like any other tool or product that we use on a daily basis, your hearing aids require appropriate care and maintenance. The conditions that your hearing aids spend most of the time in — your ear canal — surrounded by earwax and moisture are far from ideal. It is most likely the electronic device that you invested the most research and funds into, so taking time to clean and take care of your hearing aids will ensure they last longer and maintain a high level of capacity at all times. …

Thanks to the internet, consumers are enjoying numerous advantages when it comes to purchasing goods and services. Buying things online has made shopping less tiring and more private.

Before hearing aids were available online, the only way to get hearing aids was by visiting a hearing center or an in-person clinic. A person had to undergo several hearing tests, followed by a couple of fitting and adjusting appointments. This process requires a lot of time, efforts, and money.

Today, you can purchase FDA-cleared hearing aids with just a simple click. …

‘You can never put a price on your health.’ Sadly, this quote doesn’t hold some truth to it. Even though matters regarding our health are priceless, hearing aids are certainly not. If you’ve ever gone through the process of getting hearing aids, you can bear witness that the bill can be a little bit crazy.

Research statistics from Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public health indicate that 14.3% of Americans have reported some degree of hearing loss. This accounts for about 38.2 million people in America.

Even though this figure is relatively high, only 30% of people aged…

Improving your hearing is not going to be a walk in the park. It takes a fair amount of time, difficult decisions and the right kind of guidance to see significant results. Nevertheless, it is a possible feat achieved by many.

Before we start, you must first accept and admit the problem without condition. Most people don’t want to recognize their problem and don’t seek help for it, leading to worsening their complications. There’s no sense to deny or disclaim the problem; it is part of you, you need to accept it and move past it. …

You finally decided to take a hearing test.

You took the test.

Got the results.

But, now you have these alien lines in front of you. What shall you do?

You are not the only person dealing with hearing loss. And certainly, you are not the only one unable to decipher an audiogram. It seems quite complicated, we know.

Audiogram is the graph you have in front of you. Hearing specialists use it to record your test responses. It is also crucial to help you decide what hearing aid is right for you.

Here’s a simple guide on how to…

If you’re considering investing in hearing aids, naturally, you want to choose one that’s best for you. We compared different types of hearing aids so that you can pick, which features are the most important to you and would be best suited for your needs.

Choosing appropriate hearing aids will improve your hearing experience in your social life and family relationship.

You might have many concerns at this point. What is it going to look like? Is it going to be noticeable? How comfortable will it be and will it actually make a difference? There are many options available to you that will relieve your anxiety around owning and wearing hearing aids.

The following list contains…

The global health industry has seen various inventions, all in a bid to better the patient services offered. Thanks to global technological advancements and the rise in internet use, health professionals are now better placed to provide prompt and efficient services to their patients.

One of the most useful inventions is telemedicine. Although the concept is only now gaining popularity, telemedicine traces its roots back to the fifties, when hospitals tried to provide healthcare access to patients in remote areas. So, what exactly is telemedicine, and how does it benefit the patients? We delve into all the details below.


Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed the evolution in functionality and features of hearing aids. Before, hearing aids required numerous adjustments, and even then, they didn’t fully execute hearing needs.

Today, hearing aids are way smaller than before, with sleek designs that fit perfectly. Some are even unnoticeable.

With several technological advancements and innovations came Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. This means you can easily connect your hearing aids to your smartphone to elevate and improve your hearing experience. The feature is pretty cool and convenient in ways you can’t even begin to imagine!

What is a Bluetooth Enabled…

When artificial intelligence first came to light, the world was expecting the rise of robots who will take over the globe by 2020. Very few people actually thought any good would come from it.

Decades later, we live in a world where most people can’t even execute the simplest tasks without a machine’s help. The same machines which have been made more efficient thanks to artificial intelligence.

Today, everything is ten times better because of AI. From Google searches, computer commands, robotic home appliances to our very own best friends, hearing aids. …


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