Like any other tool or product that we use on a daily basis, your hearing aids require appropriate care and maintenance. The conditions that your hearing aids spend most of the time in — your ear canal — surrounded by earwax and moisture are far from ideal. It is most…

If you’re considering investing in hearing aids, naturally, you want to choose one that’s best for you. We compared different types of hearing aids so that you can pick, which features are the most important to you and would be best suited for your needs.

Choosing appropriate hearing aids will improve your hearing experience in your social life and family relationship.

You might have many concerns…

The global health industry has seen various inventions, all in a bid to better the patient services offered. Thanks to global technological advancements and the rise in internet use, health professionals are now better placed to provide prompt and efficient services to their patients.

One of the most useful inventions…


Orka is creating a new generation of hearing aids that combine sleek design with high performance at an affordable price point. Please visit:

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